At my day job I keep the books operational for patron use. In my private work I restore books of sentimenal value to working condition. I use archival papers and glues, but I do not pretend to be anything more than a workman (woman).

fixing the text block

This book of fairy tales was a childhood favourite. The owner remembered her father reading to her from this book. When she asked me to fix it, it had no cover or spine, and had been unevenly hole punched and kept in a binder.

I threaded gold thread (Rumpelstiltskin is here) through each of the three holes, then lined up the pages. After tying the string I glued the spine. I then built a new cover and bound the book anew. I had some extra fun with this. I found an copy of the original cover art and used it to design a new image to inset into the cover and as a larger version inside as the title page.




Fairy Tale book in its new cover
repair of  prayer book.
Prayer book: the remains of the before with the here after.